Whines and Corbeau’s Characters

Thanks for taking this commission! Neither of us is really very hung up on details, so ignore whatever you wish, mostly this entire document is optional.

General stuff: Both of us like canines, hyenas, fennecs, shopping (junk and thrift), tabletop role-playing games

Species: Spotted hyena
An older male spotted hyena, a little gray, may be anthro or non-anthro. Often has a pink flower over his ear.
Clothes: May have glasses, occasionally goes steampunk with black vest and watch chains, loud hawaiian shirts are good. Pink accessories also appropriate. Sometimes wears a large pink flower tucked behind his ear.
Interests: food (hot dogs a favorite), fennecs, flashing disco lights, audio-visual equipment, IT and networking work, role-playing and miniatures games
Personality: fluffy and with a maternal care-giving streak.
Corbeau’s mate, if relevant
Adult stuff: Bi-to-gay, likes powerful dominant women in particular

Species: Dog (Argentine Pila Dog/Hairless Khala, which is basically a Mexican hairless dog)
General: Male, 30something, Coffee shop hipster and failed writer. Green and black dye job mane. Tattoos of ravens and crows, but no specific design. Usually anthro/two legs.
Interests: Blogging, writing, podcasting, open mike night, coffee, lotion and skin care stuff (poor hairless dogs). Avoiding the sun.
Personality: Hipstery, can be narcissistic and self-promoting, snarky
Other stuff – “corbeau” is a shade of green-black.
Whines’s mate, if relevant.
Corbeau’s breed sometimes has tufts of fur on their tails, fauxhawks, paws. Corbeau is mostly furless except for his mane, sideburns, and chin.
Adult stuff: Gay, not monogamous but Whines’s mate if relevant. Likes hyenas, canines, ferals.

Species: Snow hyena (this isn’t a thing, whatever your idea of snow hyena is is great)
General: 30something. May have a blue and green patterned scarf, or blue nad green vest or shirt. Hair is gray “I do not care about my hair” mane, unless he’s in costume.
Interests: tabletop games, role-playing games, and rules arguments. Cosplay, particularly awkward cosplay, and costume-related arts and crafts. Winter stuff in general (snow, hot chocolate…)
Notes: This is a bit of a tabula rasa/blank-slate character, I don’t really have fine details for him, he’s just a vague idea and a place for my tabletop gaming autistic streak to live.
Crispin is intense about costumes and gaming, and not a lot of fun to game with. He’s “that guy.”
Adult: Gay-to-bi, likes costumes and role-play.

Species: Lioness
General: dominant and intimidating female lion, loosely based on the villian from Lion King II.
Tends to wear loud African style clothing.

Iggy/Iggy Tusk
Species: Sabretooth Tiger
Distinguishing features: One of his sabre teeth is broken two inches or so from the bottom
General: Kittenish and gentle, kind of meek.
May wear a loud hawaiian shirt.
Adult: Straight but may not be best character for adult stuff. He’s not a cub, but he was made for a fursuit and has a very kittenish look.

Species: Dog (Carolina Dog/American Dingo)
Blond, very short hair, dark patch from tail to between shoulder blades (looks kind of toasted.
Anthro or four legs.
Pushy, kind of masculine.
This is our real life dog, she’s a tanky and energetic beast…but she can also be a fictional character…