Official content and host picks for resources, podcast inspiration, and other points of light in the void of space

Official HSD Content:

HC SVNT DRACONES – Official website for the HSD sci-fi TRPG. Useful sub-pages: the community forum, downloadables and utilities.

Weapons Grade Funk on DriveThruRPG – The official online shop for HSD: DriveThruRPG, the hobbistry’s premier print-on-demand and PDF role play clearing house.

HSD on Tumblr
HSD’s tumblr feed, packed with art and the most up-to-date news and info

Imagine 3D Minis – HSD’s official line of customizable minis

Blogs and Podcasts:

Fear the Boot – Corbeau’s go-to RPG podcast, you’ll hear about them a lot…

Echoes of the Past – Role Playing Public Radio’s HSD Actual Play campaign


TV Tropes’  – list of sci-fi cliches (and a similar wiki on

Science: – a detailed resource on the history of ancient and modern astronomy

Solar System Dynamics – a NASA site with a rich database of everything in orbit in the solar system.

Planetary Nomenclature – A fabulously complete database of every named object in the solar system, with graphics and details


NASDAQ Glossary –  A rich list of business terms. Don’t have time to get a business degree? Glance over this for a great trove of ideas.