THANK YOU to Clay, Sammi, Ghost-091, and RagetheMage (and the Fund for Space Hooliganism) for helping Radio Free Deimos get their new home, Voltaire Station, coming soon to a near-Mars orbit near…Mars! Thanks so much for the support, y’all 🙂

Radio Free Deimos

An HC SVNT DRACONES podcast and fan exploration of the HSD game, mechanics, and world(s), broadcasting from Asaph Hall at scenic Lake Voltaire. Deimos: 6.2 kilometers of heaven!

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Touring Terra with Atlas Obscura

A recurring project I'd like to work with someday is a list of interesting spots in the solar system--real-world, game canon, and fan-created sites that would be evocative and interesting to adventure in. In an attempt to avoid real work I spent most of the day...