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Radio Free Deimos

An HC SVNT DRACONES podcast and fan exploration of the HSD game, mechanics, and world(s), broadcasting from Asaph Hall at scenic Lake Voltaire. Deimos: 6.2 kilometers of heaven!

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Science Fiction Archetypes, Tropes, and Character Ideas

Call this one a work-in-progress, a "comprehensive" list of character seeds, tropes, and concepts for sci-fi role-playing games, with some loose thematic order. Broadly these are within standard player character power levels, but...no promises. Some clusters lent...

Connecting the Stars

Note: One of my earliest HSD articles, and perhaps a lot more stat-crunchy than was called for! - Corbeau (Net Neutrality map CC license, The Opte Project) In the beginning was the network. Ask a random Vector where the seeds of their culture came from. Most will...

A Year on…Mars

Editor's Note: Vectors and humans extensively terraformed Mars to make the environment hospitable. Later, Venus was radically transformed by Vectors, who replaced its atmosphere and even changed its rotation. overall, it's quite similar to Terra, though with harsher...

Tidings of Great Buy: Religion in Hc Svnt Dracones

An incoherant little essay on the place of religion in Sol... “There are still religions, both new and old. The concept of God has had a few alterations made to it as the map has expanded, but if anything the bold new frontier has only bolstered the spiritual need for...

A Game of Shares – Adventures in Investment Brokering in HSD

A Game of Shares Thoughts on how stock trading and ledgers influence the world of HSD note - this was written before Sound and Silence was released, and that book has a lot of info on the economics of Sol. Maybe I'll expand this eventually... Whether they know it or...

Recent Blogs

Touring Terra with Atlas Obscura

A recurring project I'd like to work with someday is a list of interesting spots in the solar system--real-world, game canon, and fan-created sites that would be evocative and interesting to adventure in. In an attempt to avoid real work I spent most of the day...