E5 – The Rules of Cuil (recorded 10/28/16)

Greetings from Deimos.  A public service announcement from the Deimos Chamber of Commerce: The Halloween party at Swift Crater Mall has been cancelled. Parties of over 30 vectors cause axial tilt.

This week’s all about Transcendent Technology, Cuil, and what we repeatedly state is not magic (but does involve throwing fireballs.) There’s a brief look at the latest excerpt from the lorebook and and a conversation about language in the year 700 AE. Spooky stuff for a spooky night! We assume. “Day” is pretty subjective here.

More detailed show notes coming soon. The highlights for now:
The Nephelim Codex from the Hc Svnt Dracones tumblr
The Cuil Theory wiki and one of my favorite versions of “The Hamburger” video. Audio originally by Sotanghon (although static and effects added by Corbeau).
—Just in time for Halloween, Ars Technica talks about a new way to oxygenate blood.
—The “Fur What It’s Worth” podcast, and the new astronomy spinoff, “Committed to Launch.”

(Edit 12/6/16) In an interview on Role Playing Public Radio, Pierce Fraser had a few words that added to my understanding of Cuil and Transcendent Implants. They’re not really under TTI’s control – though TTI can give the implant a vague direction, repeatable results. The reason there’s the downward spiral toward oblivion in a TTI implant is that they’re kind of a gateway and kind of a lens, and the more an implant’s owner (heh, owner) uses their implant, the less they’re able to focus and restrain, and the more likely it is that something will break through.

With thanks to Sirius Beat for our intro music, “Future Club,” and outro music, “Tronicles.”