Blueskies! Those tiny drifting city-stations that just don’t get enough press! We start on these, with an author interview from Emmi and a generous helping of chatter from the hosts. 

If you haven’t yet gone to the HSD Kickstarter, don’t miss your chance! 

We’ll be leaning much more heavily on fan content for the next several episodes as we go in some new directions for the podcast. We name-dropped Maya Glass, the unofficial head of Marsco’s unofficial Bluesky subdivision. This will probably be expanded a fair bit as we start exploring the solar system.

This month, Corbeau thought it would be a good idea to sublet Voltaire Station, we were short on cash after dumping way too much money on the kickstarter. We leased out levels 2-5 of the station to Parallax, Sol’s travel agency. As it turns out, there is no level 3, 4, or 5 in Voltaire Station. So we’re making do with Asaph Hall studio and the break room. Along with this change in venue, or at least venue paint job, we have some new theme music from furry musician Leme. You can listen to the full piece, “Mars“, on Furaffinity. Thank you Leme!!

News this week: we chatter a bit about the somewhat new Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction, which is apparently no longer associated with the Oxford English Dictionary. It’s still pretty neat.