Also Known As:

Director, MarsCo Bluesky Division


Sol System


Glass’s flagship, LaGrange 0, drifts continually between BlueSkies, but Alder Station on the Mars-Jupiter route is favorite, and her vacation home.


The director of MarsCo’s Bluesky program fills the room. Physically, it’s best to call her “stately,” as she’s at the high end of the size range for a tiger. She’s neither confirmed nor denied the rumors that she was a six-belt champion on Pulse’s mid-range gladiator circuit. Her size is intimidating, as is her contract with Vanestia for access to next year’s power suits. Glass dominates the boardroom table, though most of the glitterati who’ve met her would have crossed her path at one of her allegedly invite-only receptions, where Glass is slightly less intimidating—though no less predatory.

Maya Glass is the director of MarsCo’s Bluesky program, one of a double-handful of executives of flagship departments that reports directly to the MarsCo Board of Directors. Her team supervises the sales and marketing, creation, and maintenance of these orbital cities. If the wheels are turning properly, Maya’s focus has been promoting “Blue life” as the most desirable and trendy lifestyle in Sol, in turn marketing it as sexy and exclusive, accessible and sustainable, and community-focused and cosy. It’s amazing how many things can be true at the same time. When the system breaks down, she’s a warrior and commander, snarling orders at her fleet, terrorizing her extended team, and moving at the speed of sublight to patch the latest crisis or call in a 10^12 debt.

Career MarsCo employees have a reputation for seeming a bit “surface,” molding themselves to fit the moment. Glass is no exception there, she has more faces than she has stripes. Those that believe they know her well say that she’s devoted to meeting rising stars in technology, entertainment, and design, adding them to her Winter Holiday list, and building out a web of connections that spreads across Sol…and to collecting ceramic hedgehogs. This may be an actual quirk, or something randomly generated to “humanize” her and soften her edges. Only she and possibly SenTri knows for sure.

The Team:

To keep her team light and encourage the adoptions of future blues, Glass’s team is lean, with only 15 senior members—one per active Bluesky habitation, and Glass herself. The Bluesky Division is spread through Sol, each member with their own portfolio and base of operations. Here’s some of the better-known team members:


Director of Development, MarsCo Bluesky Division
Ungulatae (Gazelle), Pulse/Marsco

Arguably the most ruthless member of the team, Garren’s focus is bringing in funds and cultivating new customers. Gazelles are a breed with a reputation for violence and conflicts, and Garren has always viewed fundraising as its own form of war. More than any member of the team Garren is completely transparent about wanting Glass’s job, but thusfar all his actions make the team look stronger, and prove that Glass made a solid choice in promoting him to the #2 position on the team.
Home Base:For Deimos,” Garren wants to stay close to the deep pockets on Mars.


Director of Technologies, Marsco Bluesky Division
Raccoon (lateral), ASR/Marsco

If rikk was ambitious, his complex network of informants and wheels within wheels would make him a dangerous force in Sol…but he’s happy to play with some of the most expensive toys in the universe. rikk is a lateral raccoon, amiably lazy and well-fed, who rarely if ever emerges from his tech-cave, except when he absolutely can’t avoid a team retreat. Instead, he has a trio of advanced “Runnit” type programs acting as his heralds across Sol. MarsCo employees tend to see his friendly Cog avatar. Members of the brotherhood of technicians and gadgeteers will likely encounter his lateral “lab rat” avatar, and folks outside the company may encounter his most common Runnit avatar, a glowing blue vaguely canid form, mostly featureless. As a consequence, very few people in Sol know his species, and assume he’s a rodent, Cog, or dog, when in fact he’s a couch potato. rikk’s favorite gadgets are his highly tweaked pushframe network, flock of camera drones, and neural connectivity suite. His awareness and control over his lab is nearly supernatural.
Home Base: Bolt and Bolt Rivet Station, which has a strong technological focus, and really good food. His camera drones have nearly free run of the station, except for TTI’s various pockets and the secret sanctums of the Bolt and Bolt company.

Subarin UrGr

Director of Securities, MarsCo Bluesky Division
Ursidae (Grizzly), Marsco Internal Security/IRPF

For the least visible member of the team, Subarin’s the most likely to be travelling to any given station, and only rarely is in her office at Exculpation Station. Subarin maintains the relationship between the Bluesky division and IRPF and negotiates the array of contracts between the various blues and the police force. Each station is its own sovereign entity and all their contracts are unique in their own ways, but their security is managed through Subarin’s templates and under-the-table deals. She’s happy to be a quiet presence in the background, much more comfortable managing processes and legal specifics than her own team, but IRPF is well-known for governing its own forces.
Home Base: Exculpation Station, where Subarin’s mate leads a lonely, but extremely posh, existence as her secretary.

Cerulea Kallikore

Director of Design, MarsCo Bluesky Divison
Rodentia (Rat), Progenitus (and TTI?)/Marsco

Once a mid-level developer of public art and architecture for Progenitus, Cerulea distinguished herself as an artist when she broke away from Progenitus to work on Pulse and MarsCo design contracts. She is something of a visionary, with a clean, harmonious design that balances technology, efficiency, and flowing natural elements. She has a seemingly infinite well of possibilities to draw from, and draws from the artistic community as well. With a tapestry of some 30+ square miles, she welcomes all sorts of input and ideas.

Cerulea comes across as a bit spacy and distracted, which is absolutely true, but this goes a bit deeper. She has an unusual TTI implant, a tweaked version of the Etherial implant that scries into nearby abstractions, superimposing visions of other potential worlds, pulling images from adjacent abstractions into it’s owner’s view. It’s mostly harmless, as far as she knows it’s a one-way view, but it’s only barely under her control and creates strange fluctuations in local cuil levels. TTI would be interested in getting this oddball implant back.
Home Base: Amazon Station, she finds the vistas inspirational, but is usually on-site at any new development sites. Encounters with her in a deep jungle clearing are like meeting a lost mystic in a swamp, as even the ancient Amazon bluesky has some powerful function calls.

Need to Know (Before you Go):

The BlueSky Divison throws an annual party at whatever blue is trending. They’re amazing, flashy, and chunks of the station are rebuilt and renovated before, during, and after the party. Keeping it fresh!

GM Notes

As a powerful executive in MarsCo’s hierarchy, Glass (and by extension her team) has considerable authority and pull, particularly when it comes to knowledge of the inner workings of Bluesky stations, their secret command codes…and the resources to create a new one.

Glass’s primary base is her Destroyer-class ship “LaGrange 0,” an ASR vessal tweaked for minimal crew needs and powerful long-range sensors. Given the clients she entertains, no expense has been spared on the ship’s interior. The rest of her fleet is a vast flock of camera drones, three scout ships, and Neith, the very latest deep space GeoMat.

Plot Seeds

Quarter Circle back, AB Start: Some blueskies are ancient and their current owners no longer have the manuals. Glass’s team are rumored to have “wizard mode” access on BlueSky stations, and Glass herself has been seen to call up responsive robotic equipment, flashy effects, sensors, and reports from across a station…features that either weren’t advertised or are long-forgotten. If you have to find a loved one or bit of valuable tech, or your home station has been infiltrated by a rogue AI (or perhaps you’d like that to be the case), her team’s access codes may be the McGuffin you’re after.

Reclamation Project: Longbow was a mess. Insurance fraud, the willful destruction of MarsCo property…they’re still sorting out the paperwork and reallocating debt. Never again. Glass or Garren contract the PCs to act as under-cover investigators, looking for misuse and fraud in an under-development Bluesky for a rising star corporation.

Bug Hunt: Elements of a rogue university, refugees fleeing IRPF sanctions, or a more alien menace like an exonymph or Pale Man infestation, are hiding in the depths of the broken fourth wheel of The Quad, a four-BlueSky port over Venus. There’s potentially 500+ square miles of unmaintained station to tear through, and the BlueSky division just doesn’t have the time. Perhaps your team does.

Frequent Anomalous Readings: For some reason, one of the Blues has been hit three times by Whisper invasions in the space of a year. This is unusual, Whispers tend to hit more vibrant planet-side areas. Something seems to be drawing their attention. Perhaps the PCs work for TTI, or perhaps they’re trying to beat TTI to the site so the true cause of this anomaly can be uncovered.

Power Play: It’s no secret that Garren wants Glass’s position and power, it’s almost a running joke. Glass even keeps an old painting of a tiger eating a gazelle on her office wall. Lately, some of the orders passed on to contractor teams have been leaving out critical details, leaving contractors in messes they haven’t always been able to extract themselves from. This is fallout from a trap Garren is digging for his boss, a pit with a net of hidden secrets, lined with hair-trigger confrontations. Glass, presumably unaware of this, sends her latest free-agent contract into a diplomatic situation ahead of her.