S1E2 – A Whirlwind Tour of Sol part 1 (recorded 7/22/16)

Greetings from Deimos: come for the view, leave because of the low escape velocity.

We start talking about installing a cog as our ship AI, and then wander all over the solar system. And then we get to our topic.

07-22-16 microphone arrangementsOn the subject of technical difficulties! Last episode, Whines was a little muffled, his mike was the weakest of the group. This time we had a wireless for a replacement, but it was just a bit too big for the stand! Here’s the makeshift mike stand…pop-filter, stainless steel can, and four inches of GURPS books.

Finally, Corbeau gets to use his GURPS books.

Next time…next time we’ll do better. Corbeau’s sound is a little bit fuzzy. Also, his grasp of the “record” button is a little fuzzy, and half the episode is a redo…

LOTS of opinions this time around as we go on a very deep ramble on Cogs and their souls, and territory the books do not cover…

01.03—let’s meet the hosts!

03:34—Another look at at the HSD miniatures  Kickstarter, past its goal! Here’s the trophy wall of heads on Tumblr.

4:22—The twitter feed for M.Mar Garcia, HSD’s miniature sculpture! And African Wild Dogs vs. Hyenas

04:38—Questions and Opinions—can a COG be a ship’s onboard intelligence? (Thank you, NekojiruSou!)

09:02—Corbeau’s probably the only one who doesn’t know who Edi from Mass Effect is.

12:41—the Cog Afterlife is mentioned in the HSD Core Extended text, page 57.

16:41—Are you happy in your work? (Once more, with Gypsy…)

16:52—Wiki, “The Ship Who Sang“, Anne McCaffrey

25:30—”I Give you a Hamburger.” (Can’t seem to find the original animation of this sound clip…if there was an original…)

25:37—”A brief and plot-centric tour of Sol.”

27:20—Nixxian kicks off “character origins.”

28:20—Actually, Traveller is the RPG in which character death can occur before the game begins…

29:09—”Give These People Air!” Classic line from “Total Recall…”

29:39—Corbeau on Eros, the metal-rich asteroid that really should be a brothel.

30:04—Titan AE, “Cosmic Castaway” music video (can’t find the mining sequence…)

31:45—Ashtaar, “You start on a ship.” (I didn’t word-drop “In Media Res?” I’m slipping! – Corbeau)

34:40—Whines likes Space Stations. And CJ Cherryh.

38:40—Looking at character bases.

39:17—Corbeau’s really excited about TTI’s new living socks.

39:39—Name-dropping Callahan’s Cross-Time Saloon.

42:04—Nixxian’s law-light BlueSky station

43:19—Corbeau will eventually turn any RPG conversation to Planescape.

45:42: “Welcome to new Hong Kong. There are no laws here so watch it.” (Buck Godot: Zap Gun For Hire)

48:10—play with Traveller’s Solar System Generator yourself!

48:50—Ashtaar on Hot Zones and fault-line “safe zones” (around 50:20 we all lost the plot at once.)

53:18—Whines and Corbeau really like Werner Vinge’s “Fire Upon the Deep” and the Tines

54:21—Can the character’s “safe place” be SolNet?

57:26—Nixxian (and Corbeau) both addicted to Pokemon Go. Nasa says “You can’t play Pokemon Go in space.”

57:56—Furplanet’s new book, “Gods with Fur” Corbeau (a Xolo) can’t say “Xolotl.”)

58:32—Tesla’s autopilot makes the news

59:37—Let’s take a moment to appreciate Gypsy.