Pantheon, Inc.

A contract/quest/campaign for Pulse




Sprawling in locations remote and convenient across the second planet

General Information

This is something like a contract, or a series of contracts, and something like the seed of a campaign. It’s designed for a team of Pulse vectors, but might play for anyone with a stronger sense of adventure than of common sense.

The concept, which is loosely based on Sound and Silence’s “Pulse” chapter: when high-ranking Pulse executives start getting on in years, they mayhave the option of becoming something far greater than a vector. Pulse awards their favorites with a glorious immortality, a truly larger-than-life existence as a nearly mythic creature, a terrifying recurring guest on Pulse’s televised arena spectaculars, and a legend that may last centuries.

Of course, even this sort of immortality can only last so long before it gets repetitive…but the good people at Pulse would never let boredom claim the lives of their heroes. So they made a game, with a playing field so wide that it spans an entire planet. It’s called the Great Quest. It’s called Jailbreak. It’s called DRAGONHUNTER EXTREME. It’s got a hundred names and spinoffs…but the very few who have a copy of the script call it Pantheon, Inc.

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More Information

Pantheon, Inc. is a sandbox on an epic scale: twelve monsters that, together, make up much of the heart and soul of Pulse. Many of them are former board members, top-tier celebrities, the former leadership of the company. And some of them are still celebrities, favorite guest stars and challenges in Pulse’s arenas. They’re consultants, with hundreds of years of wisdom on tap, usually ignored.

These creatures, the Big 12, can serve in a number of capacities. The ones that have held on to their “humanity” can make good patrons. They need pawns in the great game and agents in the mortal world. If a rival corporation wanted to take a strike at Pulse, the Big 12 are excellent targets. Most of them aren’t really valuable strategically, but they’re powerful symbols of Pulse’s strength, avatars of the company’s vision, and much-loved recurring characters. And most of them have company secrets to trade. And as quarry, they are the ultimate big game trophies…or the keepers of immortality.

Each of the dragons has their own territory. Venus is still mostly wasteland and empty space, so they’ve been able to expand and carve out kingdoms, with very little oversight. Over the last century IRPF, Progenitus, and Spyglass have all expressed concerns about rumors of slavery, abuse, even cannibalism, but Pulse has always had “death by entertainment” as one of its highest mortality causes, and the Big 12 are a mostly avoidable threat. Don’t want to spend the rest of your life as a part of a hedonistic mob under a capricious griffon-god? Don’t cause trouble in the Velvet City. Do want to spend the rest of your life as part of a hedonistic mob under a capricious griffon-god? Surprisingly achievable, but it doesn’t pay well.

The Warden

Korae Prison: A venomous serpent moves in the darkness under a prison with no guards…(more)


The Throng

The Velvet City: An empire of revelers worships a godlike griffin, hiding from his previous duties…(more)


The Watery Depths

Aino Sea: After the previous dragon sank beneath the waves, what rose up after is a truly terrible thing…


The Northern Wind

Coming soon…


The Couple (Plus One)

Coming soon… The Forest, the Artist, and the Hunter share their rule over a vast mountain chain.


The Living City

Coming soon…


The Storm

Coming soon…

The Swarm

Coming soon…


The Spring Queen

Coming soon…


The Darkness

Coming soon…