Let’s talk about how PCs can start their own corporations, and maybe what that minicorp might look like. A fair bit of today’s episode references a 2016 article “Exotic Options,” which goes into a bit more game detail on some of the corporate builds we discuss. We also mention “Cynosure,” a large-but-not-quite Mega, which might be fun to play around in. This was written up for a setting piece, “Arc Bay,” which you may want to flip through. 

Too-late callout to the kickstarter TRPG “The Well,” full of fun necromantic nonsense, and to Furry Migration’s New Years party. If you’re there, look for Khaladog and Whiyena! 

Thanks to Sirius Beat for our intro music, “Future Club,” and outro music, “Tronicles.” Our fun, modular header art is by Absyfield , (Thank you Ashley!) and Whines is our audio engineer.