S1E1 – Bucket of Opinions (recorded 6/17/16)

Greetings from Deimos: Easy access to three major spacelanes and a Starbucks!

We talk about the new Kickstarter, help make a great white shark and a snow leopard, and talk unsolicited opinions about HSD.

(Editor note: the first five episodes of the podcast have some “learning curve” in terms of software, equipment, etc. Thanks for your patience!)


00:59—let’s meet the hosts!

02:57—looking at the Kickstarter, running through 7/10/16. Youtube: Pierce Fraser plays with some toys.

06:29—do you want to build a snow leopard? How about a great white shark?

08:30—Ashtaar is a little bit more pro-blip

09:20—RAW on generic races (the “Bird” option in the Avian family, for example)

11:21—Whines asks, “is there a definitive species list?”

14:16—Dexter the poodle guest stars 🙁

15:05—no love for beautiful snowflakes

17:31—story hooks for bringing in a great white. How far will your GM bend?

19:32—do not look at the ninja lantern shark

21:35—Whines on the streamlined nature of HSD races

26:33—what were we going to talk about? Oh, HSD.

28:17—eventually Corbeau wants to talk about FAPP in space (don’t click this at work, or possibly at all)

30:28—a game about being human in a post-human world

31:26—enough variety to conceal setting ignorance. Yay!

34:28—a rules-lightish game.

39:10—it’s a corp, corp, corp world. Corbeau doesn’t know what a DLC payment is.)

43:45—Whines and Ashtaar say HSD is a game of social exploration, not star-hopping. Corbeau thinks 1901560000000 square kilometers is a bit claustrophobic.

52:00—Trying to wrap up!

55:36—“I was going to say I saw a ducky and a horsie but I changed my mind…” Corbeau wants to share weird cat pictures.

Also mentioned:
The movie Whines and Corbeau were struggling with: Interstellar, not Singularity. Also The Martian.
Whines loves CJ Cherryh.