Deimos! It’s your life, but…fun-sized!

This week we’re excited to have RPPR game master Tom Church join us via our new TTI Podcasting suite, preserving his dulcet tones 700-something years after his life was probably snuffed out by a nuclear holocaust, government geek purges, mutants, or some such. He might have made it into the “hemi” program as a human-lizard hybrid, but even here at Lake Voltaire we acknowledge that “podcasting” is probably not a skill that warrants an interplanetary refugee assist.

If you’re just visiting this podcast, welcome! Radio Free Deimos is a fan podcast built around the indie sci-fi/furry RPG “Hc Svnt Dracones,” a posthuman, inner solar system TRPG with elements of horror, corporate dystopia, consumerist paradise, and just a bit of glam. We open up elements of the HSD game on a twice-monthlyish schedule (Mars calendar), with groundless opinions on unreleased product, LARPer vs. wargamer pit fights, and gratuitous fox jokes. We’ve also got a thumbnail guide to the HSD setting, rough-and-ready catalog of HSD merch and a growing collection of HSD reference resources and fan content.

Role Playing Public Radio is one of the “granddaddy” tabletop RPG podcasts, recording since 2007 (!) On their Actual Play podcast they pop open and run with a whole bevy of RPGs. Last August Tom ran a four-episode session of Hc Svnt Dracones for the RPPR gang, which was released on the Actual Play Podcast over January and February—there’s a teaser for it in their December 2015 interview with HSD author Pierce Fraser. Set aside 12 hours or so and listen to “Echoes of the Past,” then come back and listen to us talk about the mini-campaign!

Furries might also want to say hi to Tom on FurAffinity, or listen to Tom as he interviews Kory Bing, the artist of “Skin Deep!”

4.15 — HSD’s pretty frequently compared to a “furry Eclipse Phase,” which is perhaps a little reductionist. The two games are solidly transhuman and post-human, but really, isn’t everyone just ripping off GURPS Transhuman? I’m frankly sick of all these people ripping off GURPS…Maybe some time we can unpack Eclipse Phase and see how mugh inspiration a GM can get from that setting.

5.22 Tom encouraged me to avoid at all costs researching “FATAL“, and I would suggest the same thing for “FAPP.” Games not to go digging for at work. The former is…I don’t know how to describe it, a 900-page sacrificial altar to pointlessly baroque game mechanics crafted by the greatest minds of the Involuntary Celibate community. Ick. The latter is a polyperverse macro-etcetera furry-focused game where brave adventures unsheathe their…mighty swords…and sex their opponents into submission. (I’ve wondered for years now if this is healthier than murdering kobolds for their gold pieces. I think it is. I bought a copy of FAPP, I think it’s kind of charming in its own special way.)

With thanks to Sirius Beat for our intro music, “Future Club,” and outro music, “Tronicles.” Our fun, modular header art is by Absyfield (Thank you Ashley!)