SenTri 1.0 shuts down

Somewhat unsubstantiated theory follows, based on Sound and Silence, p. 32. Marsco’s original artificial intelligence, the Central Trinity system, was a double-edged gift from humanity to help guide (or regulate, or slow, or limit) the growth of technology in...

ASR Blasts Off Again

ASR comes back on stage with the Thrust Drive, in partnership with Stellarum: a newer, cheaper propulsion technology that will open up Sol to travel. Date: Hazy. The establishment of the thrust drive opens up Sol to exploration, and is tied to the birth of IRPF,...

Cog2.0: Cogsune Launch Failure

“Cog2.0” announced by Aron So, CEO of ASR. Fired next day. The covert Cogsune project continues to this day. Generally this has been regarded as one of the biggest marketing blunders or best corporate cover-ups in the history of history, as ASR has been...

ASR Creates Cogs, Cogs define ASR

MarsCo branch creates first artificial intelligence: Cogs. 10 years of minor changes and edits follow. Following this triumph, Applied Science and Robotics stands as an independent Megacorp.

The First Subsidiaries

MarsCo spins off ASR as a tech company, and Pulse, Genotype are founded as subdivisions of MarsCo.