SenTri 1.0 shuts down

Somewhat unsubstantiated theory follows, based on Sound and Silence, p. 32. Marsco’s original artificial intelligence, the Central Trinity system, was a double-edged gift from humanity to help guide (or regulate, or slow, or limit) the growth of technology in...

Humanity’s Dark Age

In the years following the destruction of their homeworld, humanity has what, conservatively, one could call a cultural good cry. There is no way to get a full figure of how much of Terra’s information wealth is lost, either to the nuclear destruction of the...

MarsCo Adopts the Ledger

“Ledger” system developed by a young ferret on a bet. It spreads through the web before MarsCo discovers and adopts it. The massive edge this gives to MarsCo and its subsidiary companies, who now effectively control the stable currency of Sol, cannot be...

The First Subsidiaries

MarsCo spins off ASR as a tech company, and Pulse, Genotype are founded as subdivisions of MarsCo.

MarsCo Goes Silent

Marsco’s videos to Terra of happy Vector cubs seem to do more PR hrm than good: Marsco goes silent. In the absense of communication, and with all Corps’ government-free status under question, Terran stress begins to turn to war.

The “Save Them” Memo

Marsco receives all information needed to create bipedal protovectors from an anonymous terran source.

Birth of MarsCo

The Mars colony corporations join together to create the first extraterrestrial corporation: MarsCo.