The Transcendent Age was a period that was, in a sense, controllable. The strange powers that Transcendent Technology gave its users were still the tools of Vectors, even if they weren’t perfectly understood tools. As the new century dawned, Sol seemed to be gradually darkening.

This dark new normal may have begun around 565 or so, when the strange “Nephalim Codex”document was released on Solnet. The Codex’s ravings reveal many of the secrets of Transcendent technology, hint at horros beyond the edge of Sol, and put the blame of the Whisper invasion at the feet of TTI (or perhaps at the base of the tower.) And perhaps the Codex could have faded into the mist of corporate-approved history, but the Whisper-built bridge between Terra and Luna was too big of a reminder that the universe was not only darker and stranger than we’d thought, it was on a path to an even greater darkness.

At the beginning of the sixth century after the fall of earth, alien creatures seem to creep from behind reality’s curtain, more every year. Transcendent entities and strange, deadly insects join the ranks of whispers and pale men. Marsco sleeps, TTI withdraws.

Have we come out of this dark age? Pulse and Progenitus are preparing to wage war on the Ruby Spire, very soon. This may be a futile gesture, but Pulse is keenly aware of the spirit of the times, and may see this as the only way to break the gloom of the last 100 years. We’ll see…