Some time before AE 70, Pulse began a social unification project that was wrecked by ASR’s creation of the Cogs. We don’t know what this project was, but there’s hints.

First, Pulse’s slogan: Become limitless.

Second, we know that in its creation, Pulse was created to build morale through sports and programming. Their approach: Vectors are infinitely adaptable, so we’ll focus on that.

Thirdly, there’s a period where a lot of social change happens in a short period of time, after Marsco’s artificial intelligence goes silent. This AI was originally created as a gatekeeper, a cultural clock to control the rate of vector’s civilization growth.

So, Project Limitless: In a period where vectors and humans were in a slow fight for cultural dominance, humanity controls most of the means of production (MarsCo). Freeing vectors from human dominance is a complex problem, with economical, genetic, and social elements. Socially, vectors should be freed from the idea that they are a created, secondary race. Pulse builds a massive campaign to emphasize the primary strength of the vector race (as Pulse sees it): as a created race, their genetics are infinitely malleable. Vectors can be giants, midgets, laterals, taurs, grow arms, add arms, rewrite their code. What is a vector? A vector is all of these things. Laterals are cool, vectors can be those. Flying? Vectors can fly. Vectors are so much more than humans, because vectors can, like the slogan says, become limitless.

Cogs are their own life form, less mutable than vectors. The addition of the Cog race throws a monkeywrench into Pulse’s vision for society, but Project Limitless is still a part of their culture, and it still echoes.