History is written by the winners, and we are dealing with the history of the vectors, the undisputed victors of the greatest, and last, culture war in humanity’s long history of same. When the curtain parts on Mars, the spotlight of history remains on the red planet. The Age of Mars begins with the fusion of three corporations into the great company MarsCo. As it’s established, all Terran companies give their power over to Big M. Freed from Terran regulation, Mars is able to recreate itself, and eventually, build culture, an economy, and a native ecology.

In one light, the “Age of Mars” extends to the founding of the Jovian colonies in the early 300s. But here, we’ll use the founding of Luna Base as the end of the Mars Era: Vectors begin to spread across the solar system, and return “home.” But almost as importantly, the early Vector civilization meets its first aliens, in the form of the Pale Men, and realize they aren’t entirely alone.