For about a decade, ripples of the loss of Luna spread across Sol. MarsCo pulls its strings. Traffic between worlds is drastically reduced, even banned. The Jovian colonies suffer as their supply lines are broken, and many corporations that are dependent on shipbuilding and travel go out of business. Paranoia sours relations between Mars and Venus, Ganymede and Europa.

This period marks the end of the interplanetary age. Vectors explored Sol, and then got bit by what they found. MarsCo reigned in travel across the system, flexing its muscles to slow growth. As this period stretched into an ongoing gold war between the Jovian moons and simmering rivalry between Mars and Venus, one of the biggest casualties was Stellarum, the shipbuilding giant and a megacorp in its own right.

Notes of pessimism from this period never quite fade. MarsCo’s power to shut down the entire system is a bitter pill after the century of non-intervention…a lot of the megacorps may have forgotten that Big M was only sleeping. If there was a single moment that you could point to and say “this is when the dystopia starts!” it might be this one. The trade embargo lifts about a decade after the Whisper attacks, but the weakened economy doesn’t fully break until the middle of the century.