The invention of the Geomat, a mobile “3D Printer for Civilizations,” redefines economy and labor, underlining the new power of the corporations. Likely the product of one of the companies that would go on to found MarsCo.

The official beginning of the Sol timeline and when HSD enters the science-fictional world. In building the original timeline for HSD, which became the HSD canon timeline after some edits, all dates were derived from this, or from “700 AE.” When is -60 AE? The original Radio Free Deimos timeline assumed it was in the not-too-distant future, say, 2050 or so, within the lifetime of the readers. But that was generally seen as too claustrophibic. The actual year in the Gregorian Calendar is shrouded in canon doubt and uncertainty, but it seems like a safe bet that it’s something around 2100-2200 AD.

Reference: HSD 1.0 p. 10

Date Notes: Best guess, roughly 700 years before campaign start date. This date is the first sci-fi element of the game and one of the big lynchpin dates in this calendar.