Vector Generation 1: 180 individuals created from six species. Canines, Felines, some seals (more in 3rd gen) Ursines, Mongoose. Squirrels used as initial test cases, and may be first vectors.

This is one of the early minor in-canon mysteries: the first six species are not actually listed, and a few smaller family lines were mixed in. Since a lot of the hazy superiority of the canine and feline clans is based on their being the first vector species, the missing information from this period could be culturally important.

Reference: HSD 1.0 p.14 (and some material from Core Extended)

Date Notes: Rough estimate of eight years after “save them” memo and the 7-year development period of Gen 2

Note: HSD 2.0 p. 9 suggests that Gen One had produced results within 5 years of the protovector ban laws, which wiggles the timetable of EVERYTHING by five years up, and then on HSD2.0p.11 says that the first generation was 15 years old when Hydra emerged. So that puts them at -21 AE pretty conclusively. I’m not sure I want to deal with that. Next time there’s a major update maybe…