Sentri, Marsco’s artificial intelligence, is programmed with the timetable for Vector cultural and technological development. In later years this is overwritten, or perhaps its clock simply ran out?

Speculation: SoSp.32 suggests that an early incarnation of the Marsco Central Trinity System created a schedule for technological, social, and economic development for Vector society, but references to Sentry end about 50 years after its development. That, and the odd fact that Sentry is also ASR’s guiding intelligence suggests some conflict between Humanity/Marsco, Vectors, and ASR. This is likely one of the many things that creates bad blood between humans and vectors, along with the anti-lateral vaccine and Master’s Voice phenomena.

Reference: Speculative, So Sp.32 hints at this. It seems likely that it would have been added during the nuclear end of life.

Date Notes: Speculative, rough date of shut down 50 years into run-time, probably during the early spin-off period of ASR and company.