Speculation: During Humanity’s Dark Age, Vectors–young, energetic, early 20something–take over many essential positions as their weird pink parent race has a collective sob. During this time, it is possible that the technically talented prodigies that would become ASR discovered Sentry’s culture clock, and did not like what they saw. Several years are spent quietly burrowing into the AI and establishing backdoors. ASR begins to establish itself as a viable subsidiary.. . The timing of this is very close to the canon establishment of the Big Three spinoffs, close enough to guess at a connection. About 50 years after Mars Colony is established, perhaps ASR made their move, crippling the AI that guides MarsCo, and later shutting it down entirely. In the chaos that follows, ASR and Genotype spin themselves off as full stand-alone corporations, or simply flee, grabbing whatever medical technology they can. Marsco is left without a guiding intelligence and hobbles along for some time.

Reference: Sound and Silence, Marsco entry on SenTri

Date Notes: Somewhat arbitrary date before subsidiaries, “fifty years after Mars colonies established”