MarsCo branch creates first artificial inteligence: Cogs. This spin-off organization becomes the Applied Science and Robotics megacorp. As a related note, some of the earliest cog memory downloads may recall aspects of the Silent War.

Reference: Core Extended and HSD 2.0 Cog race description

Date Notes: Approximately 70 years AE.

Note: HSD 2.0 p.16 suggests that cogs were “about 50 years” after the first vector was created, which would be AE -21 + 50 or AE 31, pretty much the same time that ASR spun off. I’ll look into this as a revision of the timetable the next time there’s a large revision. But this is contradicted on 2.0 p. 14 (which uses the “70 years after the fall of earth,” and suggests there that ASR was “a mere marsco subsidiary,” which kind of works against my general timetable of conspiracy for the 100 years recession. Oh well! These moving numbers give a certain freedom…