Marsco agents and the last human family establish Luna Colony. The “Last Human” family is a charming name for a massive clone/incubation program, a population of 400 humans and 1000 developing clones used to seed a Terran colony and exile humanity to their homeworld. (SoS p.158) The public story (a small happy community of humans returning home to watch the sunset) is very different from some versions of what could possibly be reality.

Reference: HSD 1.0 P. 20 and “Terra” notes in HSD 2.0 and Silent War.

Date Notes: Difficult to place exactly, roughly 100-150 years after end of life on Terra. 2.0 p.25 says “around 150 years after the Omega Generation,” which would be about 155 AE. This is a fairly hard number, and next major timetable revision I’ll look at incorporating it.