Speculative: It’s suggested that Spyglass had its hands in a lot of pies around the time of its formation, and Progenitus simply ended up being the most lucrative. It’s likely there were several other groups infiltrating other institutions…maybe preparing to expose the vaguely disturbing nature of Soylent Green and Marsco’s asset recycling division, or undermining ASR’s efforts to steal technology from Stellarum in the shipping industry. As a historical campaign, consider a party made of Spyglass deep agents embedded in the long, long journey to Europa.

None of these spinoffs truly made the news that we’re aware of, but there could easily be a few sister corporations to Progenitus in this time period that simply didn’t survive and thrive.

Reference: Mars historical writeup, HSD 2.0

Date Notes: relevent during the 20 or so years after Spyglass’s formation