A second attempt at exploring Terra begins, focusing on space ship silos. MarsCo sends teams to earth. They do not survive the night. Team 2 sent two months later. They find strange script on the bunker walls. They are quickly dispatched by more “pale men.”

Reference: HSD 1.0 p. 22, HSD 2.0 p.25

Date Notes: “centuries old” ship mentioned in Whisper-related crash 100 years later; 300 years after WWIII. 170 years after Last Human Colony, suggesting a date of more like 320 AE. But HSD 1.0p. 21 dates it to some time after “within 200 years of Luna One’s establishment.” It sounds like 170 years is a pretty solid number. Luna Colony 1 was established ~150AE (HSD 1.0 p.21, more likely 160, lasting for 15 years, final broadcast from camera likely to be AE 190? + 170 = 360.)