For over 200 years, the Shambles has been a haven for refugees and a homeworld for a community that exists well and truly off the grid. It floats somewhere in the Terra/Venus orbit, a mass of ships and remnants moored to each other, easily the size of some of the largest rocks in the asteroid belt. It’s an uneasy anarchy that runs on trade and in-kind, with no ledgers, no credits, and no corporate governance. It’s arguably the biggest grotto out there.

Reference: Incite #4

Date Notes: It seems likely that the nucleus of this grotto was part of the leftover mess from the Venus Terraforming project, which was scattered across the inner ring for various projects. The only date we currently have is that it’s been functioning for over 200 years, but since it would be hard to date this particular conglomeration, given its location in the Venus orbital zone and its unusual off-the-grid nature, this seems like a likely date and origin.