E6 – On the Grid(recorded 11/17/16)

Greetings from Deimos. The Deimos Board of Tourism reminds you to plan your trip to the prettiest little moon in Martian orbit. The holiday travel rush starts next Wednesday, but if you’re lucky, you can get your tickets before she does.

This week’s all about the core mechanics of HSD: Stats and Proficiencies. Part one of what we hope will be a long arch on character creation and character-focused world-building.

Also, in tonight’s episode we discovered that PULSE will pay us 1/10 credit per significant pause. We made over 25 credits!

Show notes:

If you don’t have the Hc Svnt Dracones book, you might want to take a look at the HSD character sheet. (Page One, Page Two)

♃ 1.20—The hosts take a quick self-involved moment to talk about their dump stat. “Economy” is a big one, apparently.
♃ 2.35—Just after the episode was recorded, Pierce Fraser posted the next big update on Hc Svnt Dracones 2.0. Here’s the youtube vid! Also, the Hc Svnt Dracones minis are available now.
♃ 3.00—Questions and Opinions: What is the difference between Intimidation and Coercion? The hosts take a long ramble through the entire Communications proficiency block.
♃ 17.57—Our contractually obligated reference to Vernor Vinge’s “Children of the Sky.”
♃ 19.00—Finally, tonight’s topic: Stats and Proficiencies!
♃ 31.53—”Sheriff! Release my buddy!” From Disney’s Robin Hood.
♃ 32.00—The hosts’ brains are full, and escape reality by throwing out the most nonsensical stat/proficiency pairs possible.
♃ 35.29—We are amazed by the wonders of the ancient Human world. In particular, we are amazed by Terry Crew’s “Old Spice Muscle Music.”
♃ 36.55—I went back and forth on whether to insert a sound bite from Monty Python’s “The Crimson Permanent Assurance” sketch. Ultimately I left it on the floor, but do enjoy this fun video.
♃ 49.00—Bored? Have a series of spreadsheets. Some (most, certainly, not all) of my breakdowns of Hc Svnt Dracones dice rolls and percentiles.
♃ 59.00—A brief discussion of Skill Challenges in 4th Edition D&D, at least until Wizards of the Coast takes it down
♃ 1.07.22—HSCp.85 has the mention of the “spend your character’s racial bonus proficiencies at any time” rule, FMI (for my information.) Also, Welcome to Costco. I love you.
♃ 1.09.57—This “Radio Lab” piece on Tazmanian Devils is not for the squeamish, particularly as it has a banner picture of a devil with a large facial tumor. Very sad story, the critters face a massive, species-wide shared, infectious, cancer.
♃ 1.11.13—A piece on Russia’s lunar base. Also, Ashtaar shares an upbeat article about the EmDrive. Corbeau thinks it’s clickbait. And a bit about cooling computers with ions.
♃ 1.16.40—A bit of information on the January 2017 series, “Mythbusters Search.”

With thanks to Sirius Beat for our intro music, “Future Club,” and outro music, “Tronicles.” Our fun, modular header art is by Absyfield (Thank you Ashley!)