Jupiter’s ice-ocean moon may once have hosted life: strange artifacts of an alien culture have been found under its icy crust. Unlike the other vector worlds, Europa hasn’t been terraformed. Instead, its colonies–exclusively Transcendent Technology installations–exist in domes and tunnels.

A number of aquatic vectors feel drawn to Europa and its frozen oceans, and with enhancements to resist the freezing temperatures explore the uppermost layers of the ice ocean. Going lower can be fatal: besides the temperature, pressure, and lack of oxygen, the bioprobes deployed centuries ago to explore the dark waters are still kicking around, and have…evolved…over the centuries. Still, aquatic vectors risking these depths is common ehough that there’s a name for the phenomenon, “the call.” It’s often written on notifications to the next-of-kin.

Europan colonists tend to be “superstitious,” avoiding looking at monstrous Jupiter overhead, being careful around particular geometries, and so on. Superstition aside, there’s something dark at work on Europa…the occasional unexplained waves of suicides speak to this.

Places to Visit

The Spire of Heaven

The single tallest vector construction in Sol, TTI’s headquarters comprise four towns, an orbital dock, and a massive tower connecting them, each of its supporting legs its own domed city.