Distant and cold, even glacial. Ganymede is arguably on the edge of what vectors can terraform. While the planet has liquid water and a breathable atmosphere, it’s largely a world of domed cities and icy wastelands, with no shortage of places to go if you had something to hide. Jungles of towering, strangely colored trees with huge leaves cover large swaths of landscape, glaciers twist high into the air, boosted by the low gravity. One of Ganymede’s signature features is the airglow, a purple aurora of excited particles. The planet has about three hours of “night” and three of “Day,” the rest is shrouded in purple haze.

Places to Visit

The Proving Grounds

Applied Science and Robotics’ answer to PULSE’s massive sports arenas. PULSE generally excludes robotic participants or vectors with technological enhancements. To shore up their pride, honor the Cog artificial race, and get some of the entertainment cred, ASR built The Proving Grounds:their own stadium. Pyrotechnics, giant mechanical obstacles, Ganymede’s strange lighting and low gravity, make for an amazing show.

The Mean

Local slang for Ganymede’s vast frozen wasteland. A lower-tech culture outside of corporate influence has developed here, trading and crafting rather than buying and living on the corporate taps. The inhabitants of The Mean aren’t savages, but their small towns do have their own local law.