When the free market controls all of known space, the social safety net can get a little moth-eaten. When the basic necessities of life are a tradable commodity, life can become expensive. Case in point, the Sol medical industry. Without regulation, life-saving medicines and procedures became increasingly available only to the wealthy. “Sick but paying regularly” was more useful to Big Pharma than “physically healthy and saving money,” and corruption in medicine was rampant.

Progenitus, a spinoff of Spyglass, inherited their parent company’s drive for transparency. They were created to investigate the medical industry, and were horrified at what they found: cures, hidden away by greed. Progenitus turned whistleblower, and soon opened up this deep trove of medical magic to the system. And at a very reasonable cost!

Whether a single corporation holding a monopoly over the health industry is long-term sustainable is still an open question. Progenitus is well-regarded for their service to the Sol system, and their missionary zeal is tolerated. They do good work.

Their deepest rivalry is with TTI, the group that repurposed the miracle drug “vitae” to create an unkillable line of supersoldiers. That may be inaccurate, “undying” isn’t quite the same as “unkillable.” No love is lost between these two companies.