Aggressively self-promoting and in-your-face, PULSE was founded as the entertainment of MarsCo in the early days of Sol. Their biggest success story was in the creation of a sports entertainment empire, the cornerstone of their business. PULSE’s business plan now is based on three “M”s in no particular order: Media, Marketing, and Muscle, and they dominate the fields of entertainment and self-enhancement surgery and medicine. Want the cure for cancer? Go to Progenitus. Want to transcend the concept of physical beauty or turn yourself into a 16-foot juggernaut and make tons of creds on endorsements? PULSE.

PULSE has a low-grade, simmering rivalry with Applied Science and Robotics. The body and the machine, marketing and development, jocks and nerds. ASR maintains a polite, distant neutrality from the media giant. PULSE, for its part, is not good at “polite,” “distant,” or “neutral.” But they do like repeat business.