Some 700 years ago, life on Terra was snuffed out in a nuclear holocaust. 200 years later, it was a green and living world, though one the vectors would never recolonize. Strange creatures called the “Palemen” roam the surface, as do the Whispers, and since the Whisper Invasion 100 years ago, the planet has drastically changed. While the Terra Firma government may have squirreled away a wealth of information and supplies in underground bunkers, the risk has been too great for any organized salvage mission.

Half of Terra is covered with a red, crystalline material. Called the “Ruby Sea,” this crystal mass has replaced the mountains and seas of humanity’s former home, and the earth-facing side of Luna as well. Between the two bodies, the Whispers have built a massive spire. Its two ruby points almost touch each other, like a titanic cave formation, and crackling electricity arcs between the two.

Another change: While still mostly barren and gray, Luna now has a breathable atmosphere. It’s still not a very inviting place.