The biotechnology giant TTI is on the bleeding edge of biological research, developing living probes, biotech spaceships, and creations tailored to the harshest environments in the solar system (and possibly beyond.) Some of their most advanced product only seems barely under their control: TTI’s living ships sometimes make their own decisions, panic in combat, or simply vanish, never to be seen again. Their reality-shaping Transcendent Implants can open doorways between unconnected locations, disintegrate an oncoming monster, or cause their owner to simply vanish, never to be seen again. That this is a theme with TTI disconcerts some people.

TTI’s rivalry with Progenitus is long and heated, the two medical concerns are deeply opposed on many ethical issues.

Initially TTI made its debut as a powerful up-and-coming corporation in their efforts to colonize and explore Europa. As they learned more about the strange artifacts deep in Europa’s under-ice oceans, and as the researched the Whisper menace (and even captured one), the company developed a monopoly on technology vectors were not meant to understand or possess. Many vectors are uncomfortable with TTI as a company, but they are the most innovative company in Sol now, and will profoundly shape the way vectorkind explores the universe in the very near future.