Looking forward to the first major plot arch here at Radio Free Deimos, looking at character generation and some of the more character-focused aspects of the HSD world: Megacorps and thematically-related episodes.

Here’s some thoughts on future episodes:

Current “upcoming” episodes:

Character Building (current plot arch)
—Character Building Odds and Ends (Morphisms, derived stats)
—Character Building Workshop (five characters for mini-campaign. We’ll need: a Cog, a Blip, a Ranged Specialist, a Command Guy, a Melee Specialist, a Bear Drifter…what else?
—Real Play sessions to test run characters (three episodes: Guest players, Tanukisan and Cranberry?)

–Intermission: World Building Fun with Hyenas at the North America Hyena Sanctuary

Corp vs. Corp Arch:
Hot Zones (and possibly dark wars): Two episodes focusing on defining hot zones and the nature of front line urban warfare. Naomi Kline’s Shock Treatment, Kloom’s Frontline series. Guests: Mark Carroll, Sev/Pierce Fraser

Unscheduled future episodes…

— 1.0 to 2.0 changes

Thematically pared episode series focused on the MegaCorps:
—Marsco and Marsco Characters
—HSD World: Family and Education
—Applied Science and Robotics
—HSD World: ??? Solnet? The General State of Technology? Surgical augments? Managed technology release and false scarcity? The University System (Universities are frequently tied to “cults” see #6 lost light at about 2:00:00 and Trancendent cults)

Some thoughts from Discord on the Pulse political climate:
–they may have a really darwinian approach to subcorps, playing them against each other in a “survival of the fittest” game
–Pulse may be run like the WWF, management becomes a series of staged conflicts, or perhaps there’s the puppet management and the shadow management, and the puppets are the “kayfabe” world.
—HSD World: GOAAAAALL!!! Sports and Media
--HSD World: The Meme Side
Ashtaar may need to lead this one, I’m out of my element: the background memes of HSD. Slender Man, “Anonymous,” etc.

My contribution: There’s a reference to “The Last Human Family” being killed by mutants on Terra. Is there a chance that this is a reference to Robotron 2084? And if so, is that a possible date for any major HSD event?

—HSD World: The Criminal World
IRPF has a series of related roles, and some of them are highly conflicting. In space, and to a lesser degree on the ground, they are the implementors of law. They’re also Sol’s primary mercenary force, able to be employed on either side of a conflict–it’s easy to imagine a complex “hot zone” situation with several factions, all employing IRPF at cross purposes. The only corp where you can never really be sure that your own corp “brother” is an ally.
How easy is it to create an IRPF double agent? Can you be contracted as a sleeper/on call even when you’re serving the corp’s “primary” duty in space?
A corp without a product: it seems like IRPF’s primary duty and service is as Sol’s police force, but their money-making is as a merc corp.
Conflict with Spyglass at a character sheet level: IRPF characters have access to all important combat skills and most security/breaking and entering tools, but no social skills. Spyglass has plenty of secrets, hates IRPF, but has NO security or lockpick…but has LOTS of social skills. In the court of public opinion, IRPF will NEVER be able to spin as fast as Spyglass.
—HSD World: Law and Order/The Criminal World
—HSD World: Religion and Health
--HSD World: The Alien
What is Lumen? Are the alien races connected? What is Trancendence as a verb?

—Let’s Talk Minicorps (Genesis, Rievedolon, Lumen, the cat and mouse corps, PC corporations)
—Messy Breakups: Joining and Leaving a Corp

–Life On Mars
–Life On Venus
–Setting: Europa and Jupiter
–Life in the Void
–other locations? (Mercury, Luna? Saturn?) (note: a standard residential space station described in early module)

Exotic races: blips. (Intentionally not created as vectors. The mouse race *was*, which is considered strange.

--Exotic races: blips.
Blips are intentionally NOT created as vectors. The Mouse race was, which is strange.
Blips are *not* minority standard races…a kangaroo is just Family:Marsupial, Species: Kangaroo, but didn’t make the Big Seven or the rulebook. This is clarified in 2.0.
Blips can be crafted and created, which is a bit of a no-brainer. Interestingly, a blip “blueprint” is a valuable item that can be sold. This suggests
the potential for a line of designer sapients. This might create a situation where a blip wouldn’t have the social burden usually associated with the “species.”
—Lost to History: What's Too Good to be True in the HSD history?
This topic may be obsoleted by the Lorebook, which has the chapter: Truth vs. Fact.

—Real World: The History of the Corptown

—Nonstandard Campaigns: Occult Investigators and Alienists
—Nonstandard Campaigns: Beyond Sol
—Nonstandard Campaigns: Historical HSD
—Nonstandard Campaigns: Variant Futures
—Nonstandard Campaigns: Anachronism Characters
—Nonstandard Campaigns: Dungeon Crawl! (Also claustrophobic settings: Blade Runner, City of Darkness, Event Horizon: The Bad Place)

—Worldbuilding: Death, Dying, Immortality
—Worldbuilding: Solar System Campaigns (I don’t remember what this was supposed to mean…Corbeau 1/5/17)
—Worldbuilding: Economy

…the outer rim?

—Horror Gaming (two-parter?)

—Campaign Strategies: Player Secrets
—Campaign Strategies: Building PC Relationships (“Fiasco” model?)
—Home Rules/Player vs. GM Antagonism
—Analysis Paralysis
—types of NPCs
–what does being an indie RPG look like?

—Campaign Models: The Heist
—Campaign model: The deep unknown

Anyway, these are just some of the ideas we’re toying with, more to come…I hope! 🙂