Looking forward to the first major plot arch here at Radio Free Deimos, looking at character generation and some of the more character-focused aspects of the HSD world: Megacorps and thematically-related episodes.

Here’s some thoughts on future episodes:

Current “upcoming” episodes:

Character Building (current plot arch)
—Character Building Odds and Ends (Morphisms, derived stats)
—Character Building Workshop (five characters for mini-campaign. We’ll need: a Cog, a Blip, a Ranged Specialist, a Command Guy, a Melee Specialist, a Bear Drifter…what else?
—Real Play sessions to test run characters (three episodes: Guest players, Tanukisan and Cranberry?)

–Intermission: World Building Fun with Hyenas at the North America Hyena Sanctuary

Corp vs. Corp Arch:
Hot Zones (and possibly dark wars): Two episodes focusing on defining hot zones and the nature of front line urban warfare. Naomi Kline’s Shock Treatment, Kloom’s Frontline series. Guests: Mark Carroll, Sev/Pierce Fraser

Unscheduled future episodes…

— 1.0 to 2.0 changes

Thematically pared episode series focused on the MegaCorps:
—Marsco and Marsco Characters
—HSD World: Family and Education
—Applied Science and Robotics
—HSD World: ??? Solnet? The General State of Technology? Surgical augments? Managed technology release and false scarcity? The University System (Universities are frequently tied to “cults” see #6 lost light at about 2:00:00 and Trancendent cults)

—HSD World: GOAAAAALL!!! Sports and Media
--HSD World: The Meme Side
—HSD World: The Criminal World
—HSD World: Law and Order/The Criminal World
—HSD World: Religion and Health
--HSD World: The Alien

—Let’s Talk Minicorps (Genesis, Rievedolon, Lumen, the cat and mouse corps, PC corporations)
—Messy Breakups: Joining and Leaving a Corp

–Life On Mars
–Life On Venus
–Setting: Europa and Jupiter
–Life in the Void
–other locations? (Mercury, Luna? Saturn?) (note: a standard residential space station described in early module)

Exotic races: blips. (Intentionally not created as vectors. The mouse race *was*, which is considered strange.

--Exotic races: blips.
—Lost to History: What's Too Good to be True in the HSD history?

—Real World: The History of the Corptown

—Nonstandard Campaigns: Occult Investigators and Alienists
—Nonstandard Campaigns: Beyond Sol
—Nonstandard Campaigns: Historical HSD
—Nonstandard Campaigns: Variant Futures
—Nonstandard Campaigns: Anachronism Characters
—Nonstandard Campaigns: Dungeon Crawl! (Also claustrophobic settings: Blade Runner, City of Darkness, Event Horizon: The Bad Place)

—Worldbuilding: Death, Dying, Immortality
—Worldbuilding: Solar System Campaigns (I don’t remember what this was supposed to mean…Corbeau 1/5/17)
—Worldbuilding: Economy

…the outer rim?

—Horror Gaming (two-parter?)

—Campaign Strategies: Player Secrets
—Campaign Strategies: Building PC Relationships (“Fiasco” model?)
—Home Rules/Player vs. GM Antagonism
—Analysis Paralysis
—types of NPCs
–what does being an indie RPG look like?

—Campaign Models: The Heist
—Campaign model: The deep unknown

Anyway, these are just some of the ideas we’re toying with, more to come…I hope! 🙂