The Hc Svnt Dracones Lorebook, now on Kickstarter. You want it. Go get it! We’ll wait.


Welcome back!

We backed the kickstarter, we’ve got the book. Super-excited. But we’d LOVE to take this opportunity to make our little pirate radio show in some small way a part of HSD’s lore and continuity. So once you get your own copy of Sound and Silence lined up, throw a few credits into the Radio Free Deimos hat and help us get that space station! With your help, Voltaire Station will be a THING. And every cred will go toward the kickstarter, product, and its stretch goals.



Stretch Goals

+70 Voltaire Station!
This, combined with our previous Kickstarter pledge, gets us to the magic $150 pledge level, and Voltaire Station takes to the sky!
+120 Five Kilometers of Pirate Radio!
Voltaire Station evolves into its own BlueSky!
+220 Adventure Time!!!
Here’s the big one: Ashtaar gets his own copy of Sound and Silence, Voltaire Station is an official BlueSky…and we’re going to go on a quest to fill it up!

What’s that mean? If our listeners chip in 220 and we can get the Bluesky pledge level AND Ashtaar’s book, Corbeau will write out and run a three-part actual play for Whines, Ashtaar, and a few special guests. The plot? The horribly self-indulgent plot? The PCs are sent to investigate, and possibly liberate, Kafka 6, the penal colony for 20th Century Literature Majors. We’ll totally try to find a walk-on spot for anyone who donates $25 (or more, Corbeau’s very purchasable.) It’ll be fun. Probably. The PCs might just blow everyone up. Who knows, they’re PCs.

Any additional fundage will still go toward the Kickstarter and push up its stretch goals. We’ll see how, exactly, that plays out. With the exception of Ashtaar’s books, we’ll keep rewards intangible and low-cost, more money toward the Kickstarter and future product.

Thanks a bunch, y’all. As a long-time fan of Hc Svnt Dracones I’m really excited by the opportunity to have a tiny little toe in the continuity of the game. Unfortunately, money’s tight, and the ongoing cost of various web projects and a massive home repair (goodbye, air conditioner!) cut into our budget for entirely fictional merchandise.

And, sadly, our podcast personas really do need this. Because they don’t live on the edge of Lake Voltaire on Deimos. Because Deimos was demolished to make way for an interstellar bypass. Help give a fox, a hyena, and a hairless dog a home.

Thank you!

Ashtaar, Corbeau, and Whines