Deimos! Now with a short-lived bowling experience!

Episode 23, Urban Conflict. The hosts try to help frame an urban military campaign. Corbeau is vastly out of his depths and struggles for coherence. Ashtaar dissolves into gibberish. Whines makes a C. J. Cherryh reference. Madness!

This one ended up being a solid 1.5 hour recording, which we’re breaking in half to keep to the “under one hour” podcasting golden rule. We’re not HUGE fans of that rule, but it’s good to obey it when convenient.

0.17 — Didn’t catch the hot zone episode? There’s sort of a theoretical series, going from E18, “The Economy“, to our actual episode on Hot Zones, Episode 20. E20 opens with an interview from Sev, the author of HSD, and is worth a listen for Sound and Silence spoilers!

02.55 — If you somehow haven’t seen it yet, the HC Svnt Dracones Kickstarter for “Song and Silence” was a success, $20,000 over goal. Yay! And one of the pledge points was for your own space station. Four of our wonderful listeners chipped in to help upgrade our pledge to the Space Station Level, so soon Voltaire Station will be a thing, and we’ll have a whole new conceit for the podcast. Thank you so much Clay, Sammi, Ghost-091, and Rage the Mage!! Also, our neighbors were repairing their fence while we were recording.

04.02 — Thank you to Sammi and Sev for the creative contest, and a chance to be a part of it. You can check Sammi’s Gamestream for the announcement. Zarpaulus’s short story submission and Tygon’s mini are over on FurAffinity.

05.10 — Topic begins here, or at least the topic preamble, urban conflict and urban warfare. We mentioned some of these resources in “Hot Zones,” but books referenced: Kloos’s military sci-fi “Terms of Enlistment,” RAND’s monograph “Street Smart” which you can download for FREE, and “Art of Darkness” by same, also downloadable.

14.30 — Wikipedia on “Ground Truth.” Fundamentally, it means “direct observation of an event,” but that really doesn’t quite do it justice.

16.00 — OCOKA: “Observation and Fields of Fire, Cover and Concealment, Obstacles, Key or Decisive Terrain, Avenues of Approach.” Know it, use it. This may be one of the least intuitive acronyms of all time. Shouldn’t it have been OFAFCACOKODTAA?

30.00 — Possibly the element that most typifies and shows the challenges of urban warfare: non-combatants in the battlefield. Civilians caught in military fire, hostiles dressed in non-uniform clothes, journalists changing the rules of engagement by photographing the horror of war, the Red Cross and other NGOs scooting around the field on relief missions, protestors….it goes on and on. Urban conflict is war in someone’s home. Worth thinking about.

32.50 — Here Ashtaar starts to melt and be replaced with something stranger. I don’t know what happened. It was too good a strange ramble to delete. Feel free to skip ahead to 35.15 or so…

With thanks to Sirius Beat for our intro music, “Future Club,” and outro music, “Tronicles.” Our fun, modular header art is by Absyfield , (Thank you Ashley!) and Whines is our audio engineer.