Greetings from Deimos! The Deimos Board of Tourism would like to invite you to our annual harvest festival, but it can’t because it fell off.

Episode 28, aliens! HSD’s new web page, Guest host, Sparky Dingo, our local cryptozoologist, joins us to talk about Hc Svnt Dracones’s alien races!

1.59 — getting to the topic, aliens and the aliens.

3.39 — Corbeau attempts to argue that vectors are themselves quite alien, particularly in the way they cheerfully trash their bodies and dive into body modification. The other hosts aren’t buying it. But their pro-modification attitude sets them apart from the Cogs, who are more down-to-earth in this regard, so to speak.

5.41 — I think we’ve talked about Alastair Reynolds’ body horror short story “Diamond Dogs” a few times now, where scientists gradually give away their humanity to face a series of challenges in a murderous alien death trap.

13.09 — insert gratuitous audio clip from Young Frankenstein. The “Abby Normal” bit is waiting for you on Youtube in all its glory.

15.50 — We have a nice little return to the story of Gelic Saan and the story of the exonymph who done ate him. More on that in Sound and Silence, page 172 (draft version).

33.15 — Have we taken a deep discussion on owls yet? It’s about time…

41.00 — Talking about palemen here. There’s a fairly large chapter in “Sound and Silence” about them, way too much to talk through and more spoilers than we’re comfortable with.
42.36 — another overly obscure reference. In the Dick Van Dyke show, “It May Look Like a Walnut,” aliens from the planet Twilo come to earth and steal mankind’s thumbs. I kind of blew the reference, but if I’d nailed it, I’m not sure it would have mattered.

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