The glam band/pop detective troupe Bang Bang Bang gets in their first non-choreographed fight, sings to a McGuffin, and gets their own slow-mo fade out!

Episode #33, 2.0 Actual Play!

Show Notes: Coming soon!

As a work-in-progress we’re mapping out a valentine’s day episode…well, around there anyway, with Texas Furry Fiesta running on February 10, it’ll be tight! The current plan is an NSFW episode, “20 questions about HSD love, sex, and relationships (that you were afraid to ask)…possibly with some input by the game’s author. We’ll see how that goes 🙂 Want to get a question on the list? Post to the episode-planning channel of our new RFD Discord Chat or drop us a note!

The original videos for this can be found on HSDTV–part 1, part 2! The podcast episode has been trimmed for pauses and voice levels 🙂 This week’s technical difficulties: Ashtaar’s microphone died the death, and he’s on his celphone, which…well, it’s hit or miss…

Show Notes:

With thanks to Whines, our audio engineer!