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Out of sight, out of mind, near Saturn’s moon Enceladus on the way to the more distant reaches of the system.


Exculpation Station is a scenic BlueSky station, independently owned and operated (at least, not directly owned by one of the Big Eight. While anyone who can meet the station’s lofty prices can rent the facility, its main event and primary function is the annual Exculpation Gala.

Need to Know (before you go)

GM Notes

This is a stub article about a canon location, expanded with information from the HSD Discord Chat. more information can be found on S&SP.24-25.

Plot Seeds

Monkeywrench The reason for Exculpation’s existence is the annual Gala. It’s a tempting target for IRPF’s many enemies and anyone burned by Spyglass. Outright sabotage would be frowned upon, but there’s a dozen more subtle approaches to trashing, crashing,
or otherwise messing with the event, and an extended stay might give a very inventive character an edge at the next intercorporate ball.