Artificial satellite in Martian orbit


The “For Deimos” BlueSky was built by MarsCo as an apology after the destruction of Mars’s tiny, potato-shaped moon, Deimos…no-where near the original moon of that name. It is a popular stop before entering Martian airspace, so that’s something.

Need to Know (before you go)

Like many BlueSkies, the location and cost of living are both astronomical. Mind the (wage) gap.

GM Notes

This stub article is for a canon feature, see page HSD1.0p.63.

Plot Seeds


^^Garren+!! Charismatic, strident, and dangerous, this former Pulse fundraiser joined Marsco’s Bluesky Division as their director of development. The gazelle loves the posh environments of “For Deimos” and entertains clients in his luxurious apartments.