Located in the inner system to take advantage of the sun’s energy. Izwe is near a major Venus trade route.


Izwe Station is an agricultural station run by a hyena clan, located on a trade route near Venus. The smell of a sealed environment that hosts ruminant livestock is not easily forgotten.

An ancient set of matriarchal alliances governs the station, which acts as home or waystation for several hyena clans. Currently Sachi, matriarch of clan Onobanjo, is the chief administrator. Onobanjo is allied with the Magoro clan, and opposed to the Ngige who hold most of the manufacturing factories and look forward to a more specialized, less…methane-oriented production.

Need to Know (before you go)

Izwe is held together with duct tape, repurposed plant fiber, and brutal levels of parsimony. Anyone packing a cargo hold of useful equipment or print-fac paste #4 can play the game of clan alliances, and may come out ahead.