Also Known As:

The Disk




An ancient extinct volcanic mountain in Mars’s Tharsis region


When the Martian terraforming processes swept over the largest mountain in the solar system, the results would end up becoming the business capital of Sol. Ledges and sweeping outcroppings made for great shipyards and ports. Loaded with shipping, docking, shopping, and housing, it’s a planet unto itself (for comparison, Phobos is only 18 kilometers at its widest, and the Disk is 15 Km high and some 600 Km across…) and many of its inhabitants have never left. MarsCo owns Olympus Mons itself, but every major corp has offices there.

Need to Know (before you go)

Olympus Mons is definitely on the Wayfarer’s Guide’s bucket list, but no-one can possibly see it all. Think of the Disk as not so much a destination, but a world. That might help.