Off-planet docking facility over Venus


The Quad is the largest habitable structure in a planetary orbit in Sol, three functional BlueSky stations linked in a triangle. Called “The Quad” as it originally comprised four stations, the fourth was too expensive to maintain, and is used, at least in part, for off-site docking.

Need to Know (before you go)

Be wary of the “buy a nice section of the Quad?” con. Station #4 is still going cheap.

GM Notes

This stub article is for a canon feature, see page HSD1.0p.57.

Plot Seeds

I don’t think we’re alone… Longbow taught us that it is very difficult to render a derelict BlueSky completely uninhabitable, so there may be a large portion of the 15+ square miles of broken Station #4 inhabited—enough space to temporarily house a cult, strike team of pale men, or any number of clandestine operations. If one camera goes out from time to time, nobody’d notice, and those dark zones can add up over the years…