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Exculpation Station, a BlueSky in a distant orbit around


Held once every Terran year at scenic Exculpation Station, the Gala is a retreat from the endless philosophical war between IRPF and Spyglass. It’s a 10-day event with countless meetings, speechifying, and very strict no-conflict rules.

Need to Know (before you go)

Best known for the yearly Spyglass/IRPF Gala, Exculpation is lovely all year round, but mission-critical once every Terran year. Time your visit carefully, particularly if you have bad blood with IRPF.

GM Notes

Canon stub article, more information can be found on S&Sp.24.

Plot Seeds

All the Dirt in Sol: IRPF is hired to protect corporate secrets and hide the bodies,
metaphorically speaking. Spyglass exposes those secrets for profit. Together, these two corporations have most of the dirt in Sol under their nails, and if you needed to know anything about anything
chances are you could find it at the Gala…if you’re on the invitation list.


Subarin UrGr: While not a member of the IRPF leadership on the station, Subarin has power of a different sort: she’s the director of securities for MarsCo’s Bluesky division, and either Subarin, or more often her lonely husband, maintain a MarsCo liaison office on Exculpation.