Cost: 1200 standard, 1500 no questions asked
Gear score: 0 (1 for NQA if detected] Description: Finally, someone has made something constructive and useful out of multiple personality disorder…Bicameration creates layers of personality, each one as unique as the customer desires. Hard-working, careful corporate powerhouse during the day, playful and care-free pixie at night? No problem! Want a dramatic and artistic persona while still being a functional adult? It can be done! Neuroplex taking too long? Have one of Mindcraft’s predesigned content specialists added as a personality module!
Effect: Mechanically, this surgery is similar to the “Spontaneous Metamorphosis” surgery, but instead of letting your character switch between physical forms, after activating the right mental triggers you can switch between personalities. As per Spontaneous Metamorphosis, create a second character sheet. Keep the same physical traits, but your character’s mental abilities, Techniques, and many Proficiencies can be changed. Some traits (Body: Perception, for instance) are as much mental as corporeal, the Guide has the final word here.

Generally, a character’s personalities are aware of each other and share a common pool of memories. Bicameration can be used to create sleeper agents with buried personalities activated by some predetermined signal or trigger, though Mindcraft charges a premium for the “No Questions Asked” version of the surgery.

Switching between personalities takes a minute, this cannot be reduced through experience. The “No Questions Asked” version is a bit more brutal and the transition takes only 30 seconds. Resisting a forced personality change is a Resolve save with a difficulty of 2. Otherwise, changing between personalities requires a Resolve save with a difficulty of 1+ the number of times you’ve moved between personalities today.