Cost: 200 (100 to reactivate)
Gear score: 0
Description: One of Mindcraft’s less radical processes: the vector’s memories and cognitive processes are extracted, correlated, and organized for easy access and efficiency, kind of like a nip-and-tuck surgery for the mind. and it lasts just about as long. Unfortunately, this neural surgery is temporary, and fades in three months or so, a year at most. Apparently, the organic mind was never meant to be forced into an order.
Effect: Once per day you can Simplify checks to recall information and dredge up memories. The Guide can also use this surgery as a plot point to unlock hidden memories and connect dots that might have been forgotten. The surgery is stable for about a month or an arc, whichever is more useful. After that, it starts to fade: roll 1d10 each time the surgery’s Simplify is used. If the result is a 1, the surgery stops working. It can be refreshed for 100.

As long as it’s active Cognitive Refresh counts as a surgery, but a character can choose to let it fade permanently. If it’s gone, a new application costs the full 200.