Cost: 500 per individual
Gear score: 0
Description: Something like telepathy or empathy, Neural Entanglement is loosely based on neural encoding of some of the more publicly available transcendent glyphs. The process creates a long-lasting link between two or more minds. The effects are more subtle than “when you feel anger, I will too.” In fact, these spooky mimetics at a distance don’t consistently transmit emotion—at least not like they do in the crime dramas. Definitely not love, rage, fear—the deep primal emotions don’t make the leap across space. Curiosity, confusion, inspiration, alertness, absolutely. Whether this is by design (Cogsunes seem to resonate more to cerebral emotions than fight-or-flight reflexes) or biology (without a wash of adrenaline, fear, well, loses something of its terror), that’s currently unknown.

The end result of Neural Entanglement is that individuals linked together tend to have moments of inspiration together, share obsessive moods (if not actual obsessions), and most importantly, work frighteningly well together, without all those unpleasant passions getting in the way.
Effect: As long as you and the person you’re linked with are working on reasonably parallel tasks (research, crafting, performance, and so on) those shared tasks are at -1 difficulty.