Cost: 500 (per couple, additional applications are an additional 200 but not recommended] Gear score: 0
Description: Remember the first flush of new love? The swirl of romance, the feeling of falling into someone and never hitting the bottom? Wondering where that went? There’s nothing quite as sad as the faded color of a once-beautiful flower. Now, you can recapture the magic! As long as you and your true love wish, you can hold onto that first glow in one endless moment of bliss.

Needless to say, this is a terrible idea, and either a sign that the Cogsunes have completely failed to understand Vectors, or know them far too well. Mindcraft marketed “Soulmate” as an enhancement to marriage-type contracts. It really captured the imagination of couples of the “young and immortal” type, and has been a strong seller as a display of commitment. Theoretically it can be deactivated, but very few people ask for the treatment to be reversed.
Effect: No game effects to speak of, although the Guide might decide that a couple under Soulmate’s influence is distracted and certain checks are Complicated…but the effect isn’t significantly stronger than the rush of a new love. (Oh…is that all?) However, that kind of emotion isn’t meant to last more than a few months, and as it stretches on, it can easily switch into other extreme emotions as the couple’s hormonal roller coaster extends beyond a season into syndication. It’s also massively annoying to everyone in the couple’s circle of friends…imagine someone fawning over their new boyfriend/girlfriend forever…

Warning: Mindcraft is completely right about the risks in adding a third person into a Soulmate link. Okay, you’ve been warned. We see you’re still thinking about it. It’s not going to work. It’ll end in booze and bullets, we promise.

Soulmate does not count against a character’s surgery totals.