Also Known As:

The Big Mean, Where the Bodies Are




Third moon out from Jupiter, hard to miss in that specifically Galilean Moon sense of the term

Need to Know (Before you Go):

It’s not a huge planet, but it’s proud. Ganymede is a world of survivors and more than a few “opportunists.” The days of rampant corruption, smuggling, and general nare-do-wellism faded over a hundred years ago, but that doesn’t mean the entire world is kid-friendly and tourism board approved. Life on Ganymede is cold and hard, and the same can be said for the reception you might get there…so start your tour at a Zodiac-rated port of travel and get the welcome you deserve!

Events and Festivals

Aurora Festival

Brilliant colors and lights defy the darkness on Ganymede

GM Notes

Avrios is the land of a thousand startups, owned by the biggest disruptive startup of them all, Lumen. Cynosure’s the dominant corporate flavor in the region, and they specialize in helping startups develop brands and land holdings. If there was a region that would help an up-and-coming corporation, for the right price, it’s Avrios. Across the corptown region of Synergy, there are hundreds of enclaves that act as mini-corptowns for any number of younger corporations. It’s a bit of a crazy-quilt, and a good place to base a corporation that’s a little less “Glam” than the Vale.