Summary:A fast-paced version of American football played indoors, played in reduced gravity to emphasize flashy acrobatics and frantic action.

Teams/Players: Teams of 11 in play, though up to 45 may be kept off the field. Both male and female athletes may participate.

Uniforms/Equipment: Uniforms: Helmet and guards similar to American football but significantly lighter and more colorful, a hybrid football kit and competitive dance uniform. Equipment: A smaller court than American football, about 40 yards long with tighter yard lines (three yards instead of five). Football, which traditionally is chromed for better visibility.

Rules/Play: Rules are sketchy, however Arena Football/Jumpball seems to be similar to American football in play, with a few minor variations: the court is about 1/3 smaller to make the game more exciting (though not to ruin the magic too much, this was a directorial decision to make the set more filmable.) Gravity is reduced and/or participants are given jump-enhancing technology; overall these changes lead to a game which is more acrobatic and less reliant on body mass. It appears that points are scored on touchdowns only, not on throws.

From Starship Troopers, with more information on Gizmodo and Galactic Football League.